Build on Books is a Registered Charity Number 1158201

Registered address 38 Oak Tree Road, Marlow, Bucks,SL7 3EE   Contact: +44 (0)1628 476 041






 Build on Books is a Registered Charity Number 1158201

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Build on Books, 38 Oak Tree Road, Marlow, Bucks SL7 3EE

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The Build on Books mission is to give Sierra Leone’s children a future, free from poverty and despair

It is amazing what we can achieve when we all work together

Build on Books EBOLA PREVENTION WORKSHOPS are taking place in villages in Sierra Leone this week.  Build on Books provide awareness training and buckets with taps and chlorine Please donate now to help us cover more villages.


Every penny raised is spent making a BIG difference by:

· Building boreholes to provide safe clean drinking water

· Building toilets to combat diseases caused by open defecation

· Creating school Science Labs to help students pass practical examinations

· Sending books to create school & community libraries

· Providing training for teachers and librarians

· Helping a child attend school

· Providing tools and seeds for school & community farming projects

· Supporting literacy development

The children do not understand what is going on, but are happy to receive bread, milk, sugar, tinned fish, baby food and water.  They have lost their parents we need to look after them

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Children who have lost their parents to Ebola are alone, scared, isolated, confused and HUNGRY. 

The Build on Books team take fresh food to the orphans of Ebola who are trapped under quarantine in their homes or at the Ebola holding centres. We do not know yet if these children are infected with the virus or whether they will survive.

It is vitally important to keep them well nourished and let them know we care

£20 will help us feed a desperate child



URGENT Build on Books



After losing their parents to Ebola, orphans are quarantined in their homes for 21 days while they wait to see if they are also infected with the deadly virus.  During this time, no one dare touch them, not even to give them a hug. Even children who survive Ebola are being shunned by frightened communities. They need care and love and nourishing food if they have any chance to survive.



Build on Books has been feeding Ebola quarantined people in

Waterloo, Sierra Leone

since Ebola first reached there in August 2014