Build on Books is a Registered Charity Number 1158201

Registered address 38 Oak Tree Road, Marlow, Bucks,SL7 3EE   Contact: +44 (0)1628 476 041






 Build on Books is a Registered Charity Number 1158201

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Build on Books, 38 Oak Tree Road, Marlow, Bucks SL7 3EE

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The Build on Books mission is to give Sierra Leone’s children a better future, free from poverty and despair

Sierra Leone has yet to recover from the brutal 11-year civil war while it has been beset by a serious of disasters. The Ebola crisis, cholera, flooding, storms and the recent horrific mudslides have left many families homeless and many children orphaned. All these things have wreaked havoc on the educational infrastructure and left the country without adequate access to water or sanitation.  The devastating effect on the economy has left people without work or the means to feed their children properly and for farmers to buy enough seeds to feed their villages.

However there is hope; Sierra Leoneans are a resilient people, no matter what adversity they are faced with, they keep on fighting for survival and for their children’s education.  Despite overwhelming poverty and often a lack of skills training, given sufficient funding and training, they will mobilise to build schools, boreholes, sanitation and farms.

Build on Books is the all-volunteer UK registered charity. Since 2008, Build on Books has provided help where it is needed most. We have a small administrative base in the UK but in Sierra Leone, we have a large number of volunteer professionals such as head teachers who understand the needs of children and communities at the grassroots level. They are also one of the first to respond to a crisis because they know the communities, the people and speak the languages. In impoverished communities, we try to help with food, water and sanitation while at the same time working towards giving children a better future. through education by building schools or equipping established schools with furniture, science equipment and of course books.





From building classrooms, and libraries to farming, to building boreholes and filling schools with books and furniture everything we do is community driven.  Build on Books is an all volunteer charity both in the UK and in Sierra Leone.

Build on Books Trustee Brid Hayward and Founder & Chair Lori Spragg are looking forward to visiting Sierra Leone again in November 2019 to see all our latest projects including the new Peace Library in Kwama.

They are also looking forward to seeing old friends such as the BOB SL Chairman Alphonsus Kargbo pictured here.


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